Excellent Review from Yankee Romance


(Terra’s Thoughts)  This is an exceptionally wonderful fairy tale with spit and vinegar and loads of steamy scenes that will surly curl your toes.  Our author is a wonderful part of the known writing team of Lydia Dare and I have to say that I am really liking what Tammy Falkner has given up in this installment of her own.

Sophia Thorne is a rare beauty, enchanting, delightful and very, very outspoken.  She’s been schooled in the ways of the ton but is not looking forward to applying her lessons to real life with all the stringent ridiculous rules that must be adhered to or suffer the outcome of wagging tongues and scandal.  Her mission is plain and simple or so she thinks.

The Duke of Robinsworth is a man of scorn from the ton for the allegeded death of his wife some years past but did he do it?  A man handsome as the day is long is quite reluctant to deal with gossiping rags and miserable old bitties that wag their tongues more than a pendulum on a clock.  Is there a heart in this man of stone and ice and what will he do to keep that which is his?

The story is ripe with magic, hot with steamy scenes and paced beautifully with it’s smooth writing style.  Everything meshes easily and you zip through the story without batting your eyes.  I truly found this a breath of fresh air and I do so hope that Miss Falkner will give us much much more in the coming future.

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