Ronald went to visit the Sourcebooks office!

I admit it. When Ronald (the garden gnome from A Lady and Her Magic) said that he needed a vacation between books, I was  a little skeptical. Ronald has been alive for more than two hundred years, and he’s seen a lot and done even more. He also has a penchant for getting in trouble.


On his list of things he wanted to see:

  • Ladies in bikinis and a ferry on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Great Falls, Montana – so he can visit a book blogger
  • Minot, North Dakota – so he can see where Lucie J Charles writes her books
  • A famous strip club in Chicago (I won’t tell you yet which famous author offered to take him here)
  • The Sourcebooks offices so he could meet the people who have published all of my books

Last week, he actually got to go to Sourcebooks and he had his picture taken with the cow in the lobby.  Funny story about that cow — the owner of Sourcebooks, Dominique Raccah, outbid Oprah Winfrey at an action to get that cow. I’ve seen it!  It’s a pretty awesome cow!
Here’s Ronald with the Sourcebooks cow:


Ronald is pretty busy, but he’s still adding stops to his itinerary. If you’d like to host Ronald and have him visit your workplace, famous attractions in your city, or just meet your family, please drop me a note and let me know!


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