22 thoughts on “Books”

  1. I just stumbled across tall, tatted, and tempting book the other day, and I must say that I LOVE this book! Please tell me you are going to continue Logan and Emily’s story!!!! I’m hooked.

      1. Thank you! I’ll be telling my fellow book nerds all about this! So excited I can’t wait!

      2. My god im soo freaking glad its not too long away cz i just finished TTT and am soo excited to see what happens next with Emily and Logan (ugh no that didnt seem right she will always be kit for me xD)

  2. I just finished Tall, Tatted and Tempting and I have to say it was AMAZING!!! I didn’t really know what I was reading when I started it (I tend to just pick up a book without reading the blurb) and for once it paid off for me lol. I love Logan and Emily and cannot wait to see what happens with them!!

  3. Just read Tall, Tatted and Tempting and I must say it was one of the best books I have read. I loved the story and more I loved the characters. So glad to hear you are going to continue their story.

  4. When will the next book in the Emily and Logan series come out? I absolutely loved it. I have been on a paranormal romance kick but this just caught my eye and I was blown away by these characters. I want to know what’s Olin those letters Matt wrote I just don’t want him to die. And I don’t care that Logan is deaf he is still swoon worthy. So please let me know when the next one comes out I wish I could just preorder ha

  5. I just finished Tall, Tatted and Temping! Girls it’s amazing!!! I loved it!!! I can’t wait for the next one! I’m addicted!! Buying a printed copy for the beauty shop! Great work!

  6. I’m so ready to read more LOGAN haha I absolutely loved Tall, started, and tempting…I also hope you do the brothers stories as well!

  7. When will Matt’s story be out? I stumbled across TTT a few days ago and have downloaded the entire series and am eagerly awaiting the next one.

  8. I have just finished all of the Reed Brothers books and I LOVED them. I cannot wait until next month when Matt’s story is finished. I also cannot wait until Sam & Paul’s stories are told. I am sitting at the edge of my seat??

  9. I love the Reed brothers series and can’t wait for Matts story. I Just finished Escaping the Past and read the sneak peek of A Soft Place to Fall, when do I get to read the rest, you’ve left me wanting more but can’t find it xx

  10. So I read TTT and got hooked and 2 days later have just finished MMM and am hoping to find out when the next book is and hopefully it’s Paul and Friday! Please let me know wen the next one is I’m addicted haha absolutely loved these books!!!!!

  11. Now that Matt’s story is basically done who is next? When do Paul and Sam get their go? Enjoying the stories by the way.

  12. I just read all the Reed Brothers books in two nights and i enjoyed them all. I really hope friday and pauls story comes out and lets not forget sam.

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