7 thoughts on “Mailing List”

  1. Tammy please tell me you will write Matt Reeds story next ? And one for Sam and Paul … You have a amazing writing style … I am hooked I love the reed brothers

  2. I simply love your books about the Reed brothers………please tell me you are writing about Paul’s and Sam’s life’s also and the books are about to come out……..I have already read them through twice and when you finish the last two??????? I will read them all over again……….LOVE them………wish I had one of those guys in my life!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love love love the reed brothers stories! I have sat and read them all in 2 n half days! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me there will be a book on sam and Paul! I can already envision Paul and Friday together with a jealous Kelly trying to ruin it……. or something like that….. lol. …..

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