Ronald’s vacation with Deb Marlowe’s family

I have been scrambling around, trying to get ready for the launch of The Magic of I Do. This is the fun part of the launch, when I’m all nerves and excitement.  I’ve been working on posts for blog tours and preparing to read at Lady Jane’s Salon RDU in June.

Ronald, who is really happy that this next book is about to come out,  received an invitation  to go and hang out with Deb Marlowe’s family.  If you’re not familiar with Ronald, he’s a garden gnome who is in all of my faerie books.  He’s about two feet tall, wears a waist coat and cravat, and he is tasked with taking care of the Thornes.  You met Sophia in A Lady and Her Magic, and you’ll meet her sister Claire in the book that’s about to launch.  Ronald, because he works so hard to keep everyone out of trouble, was desperately in need of a vacation.  He traveled last fall, but after Jane Charles took him to a strip club, he took a break from his wanderings, until he received an invitation he couldn’t refuse.

Deb Marlowe showed him things he’s never seen before.  He went to the gym with her oldest son, who showed him some amazing flips and did a little wall walking.  Then they spent some time at her house, where her youngest let him be a kid and climb some trees. Deb was a little worried someone would fall, but garden gnomes bounce, so there really wasn’t anything to be concerned about.


I think that’s her  awesome office there in the background where all the magic happens in her own books.

Ronald was a little perplexed when he saw the airplane.  He’s never seen any such thing, and he’s still talking about it.


He was completely in his element when her youngest brought out the fencing equipment.


Ronald had a wonderful time hanging out with the Marlowe family, and he’s going to be going to California to hang out with another family in the coming weeks.  He’s really excited about it.

If you haven’t read Deb Marlowe’s books, I highly recommend them.  She has a new release called The Love List that’s amazing, and Ronald can’t stop talking about it. He’s a sucker for a good love story!

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