Ronald went to Canada!

Ronald received an invitation to go to Canada with a friend of mine, Sandy H,  as he just got back and has some amazing photos to share.


First, there was Montreal, where he visited the Botanical Gardens and the Biodome.  He got to frolic in some flowers (which just happens to be the thing that garden gnomes like most — aside from wreaking havoc and eavesdropping).





Then he was off to visit parliament in Ottawa.

(That’s him there at the top of the stairs.)



Ronald is really enjoying his mini vacations between books, and if you’d like to host Ronald, he’d love to come for a visit. Just send us a note and let us know where you’d like to take him, and we’ll send him your way.   He might just go to work with you, or out to dinner with your family, or you could take him to visit a landmark or a famous person or place.  He’s pretty easy to please, and he fits in most luggage.  🙂
Thanks to Sandy for taking Ronald along on her trip to Canada!


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